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The Diet Our Model Swears by to Look Good and Feel Great In Our Clothing

July 10 2015 – lillian crandall

All women have the same problem: finding the perfect diet. Trust me, wanting to look your best can be a completely normal thing and everyone is worrying about it just as much as you are. We've tried everything; cutting out carbs, cutting out alcohol, avoiding sugar, liquid only cleanses and they all lead to the same thing-gaining everything we lose back and then some because it leads to binges. If theres anything you should cut out, it's the word diet. The word diet sets us up for failure. For me, diets were like 100 yard sprints that my field hockey coach made the team run every Monday- I knew I could do it, it would be hard, but then it would be over and I could relax and enjoy the shade. I call these types of diets the Yo-Yo diet; meaning you go back and forth, eating a whole bunch of bad foods and then saying "Oh my gosh, I ate so badly last week so I just won't eat this week." Diets make us hungry for all the delicious and sugary foods we're missing out on and we give in to the cravings, we feel horrible about ourselves. But, these fatty and delicious foods are actually our enemy because they taste good, making us think we can trust them but we can't! Foods with a bunch of sugar and salt actually trick your body into thinking it's hungry and needs more even when it's full. Well, I have a solution to your problem.

As a model, it's important that I stay in shape and maintain a healthy meal plan. I need to look good in the clothes but more importantly, I need to feel good. This is what truly changed my attitude towards what I'm putting into my body. Eating right not only helps me maintain a long and lean figure, but it helps me stay in a positive and confident mood. Our bodies are like the engines in our cars; in order for them to run correctly, we have to add the proper fuel. So how do I do it? 

Ladies, I introduce you to The Fat Flush Plan. This bestselling book contains the most useful advice any struggling female has with her weight and excess fat on the areas we know we all could get rid of. The plan helps the body maintain long term weight loss and gets rid of the main things causing bloating and belly bulging. You know, that thing that hangs just above your hips that flops over your jeans. No matter how tall, skinny, beautiful, whatever; everyone has to watch this area. Girls can be thin as a rail and still struggle with the belly bulge, especially once you get older and have had kids. Wouldn't it be awesome if there was someone or something that could ride up on a white horse and flush all that nonsense away? Well, there is. 

I heard about The Fat Flush Plan through one of my friends mothers. She's had three kids and always looks her best. Finding meal plan secrets through experience is the best thing, ladies, and that's because they aren't trying to sell you something. Therefore, when she told me her secret, I had to try. The meal plan is easy to follow and more importantly, it works. It requires you to drink liquids periodically throughout the day and eat almost every two hours to get your metabolism going. Back to the car engine example- when your gas light comes on, you don't ignore it and say "oh, it doesn't need to be refilled this week." No, you have to refill it on a regular basis to keep that engine movin' and getting you where you to wanna be. The plan is also specific, which is why I love it so much. It doesn't sum things up for you by saying "eat clean foods like lean meats and vegetables", instead, it's divided into phases, providing recipes and a literal plan for each day of the first phase. I started noticing a change in my body after about three days of following the meal plan. I felt wonderful and looked pretty dang good, not to toot my own horn. But the point is, I was getting fast results and not starving myself. The foods I was eating left me satisfied, gave me energy and truth be told, gave me different relationship with food. I wasn't craving the nasty stuff and I started realizing that I would rather eat good foods that were good for me instead of good foods that were bad for me.

Treating your body right truly changes everything. Changing my outlook shifted my worlds to polar opposites. I saw myself in a different way; I was confident, energized, friendly, happy, you name it. I would walk into Gordon Stuart and see all the adorable and stylish outfits they had just gotten in and actually feel like I could wear them. I love to be fashionable and keep up with the trends, which, who wouldn't. Now you can and I'm telling you folks it's the most simple thing to accomplish once you stop overlooking it. My advice; carry yourself like you rule the world-tall, strong posture and eat right!!

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening." -Coco Chanel


 Model Wearing: Lareida Button Down Shirt, Opening Ceremony Sneakers, Goldsign Jeans, 

Acne Studios Necklace, and Chanel Sunglasses. 



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