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5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

October 10 2017 – Gordon Stuart

5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own
5 Types of Shoes Every Woman Should Own

At Gordon Stuart, we take sophisticated style very seriously. We believe that every woman should have access to designer fashion and stay up-to-date on all of the latest trends. While shopping through our online store for women’s fashion essentials, you can be sure to find the best designer jeans, as well as the season’s must-have dresses, tops, and accessories. And most importantly, shoes. Gordon Stuart carries every style of shoe to complete your wardrobe. While many women will argue that you can never have too many shoes, and we agree, some women prefer a simpler way of living. But just because someone has vowed to a minimalistic lifestyle does not mean that they need to do so at the sacrifice of outstanding fashion. We envy simplistic individuals and have prepared a list of shoes that every woman should own.

  1. Casual Sneakers: What happens when you combine comfort and versatility? You get the best shoe ever. We’re so fortunate to live in a time that fashion designers are giving casual sneakers a chance. They can be worn with jeans or paired just as easily with dresses and skirts. Take a look at the Rag & Bone RB1 Gunmetal Tennis Shoe in our collection. This shoe is so versatile, and the outfit possibilities are limitless.
  2. Sandals: Another example of a completely versatile shoe that can change an outfit entirely. Our favorite aspect of sandals is the variety of styles such as flats, platforms, heels, and wedges. Flat sandals can make a sundress feel easy and effortless, and wedged sandals can make that same dress feel flirty and classy.
  3. Tall Boots: Who doesn’t love boots? Quality, designer boots can steal the wardrobe show. Naturally, our eyes are directed straight down to admire a classy pair of tall leather boots when someone struts by, so the rest of the ensemble is hardly noticed. If you’ve been debating on whether the investment of designer boots are worth it, the answer is yes. You can anticipate countless positive impressions every time you slip on your new favorite accessory.
  4. Black Pumps: Do we need to elaborate why black pumps need to be in your closet at all times, other than to be worn? We hope not. Dress them up in your sleekest business attire, add a little sophistication to your skinny jeans and blouse, and keep your night-out dress classy with an elegant and polished point black pump.
  5. Ankle Boots: Add a unique edge to your look and transform your outfit with a multifaceted boot that enhances every woman’s level of confidence. Strut into your business meeting with style and then head straight to your date right after work. Ankle boots are incredibly interchangeable—how could you not love them?

As we mentioned before, some women can’t fathom the idea of letting go of more than half of their shoe collection, and we certainly are not asking you to—however, the need to living a more simple life or downsizing your closet space should never compromise your personal style. By adhering to this footwear plan, we can promise that you will always have a pair of shoes to make your fashion statement.

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