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Phillip Lim Keeping Things Simple For 10 Years

December 18 2015 – Sarah Crandall

Phillip Lim Keeping Things Simple For 10 Years
Phillip Lim Keeping Things Simple For 10 Years

3.1 Phillip Lim Pre-Spring 2016

Effortless chic is the best definition for Phillip Lim's eponymous collection. Celebrating the tenth anniversary of his business, 3.1 Phillip Lim( named for his age when the collection started, minus the decimal point). 

Ten years in the fashion business is forever, and very few designers can stay on top for that long. Lim has managed this with ease, and has learned a lot. The most important lesson he's learned, according to him is "Never Look Back" which is framed on the wall in his Hamptons home.

This longevity can be attributed  to his understated aesthetic as opposed to the "of the moment" trends that burn out in a flash. Lim knows what women really want: effortless, but elegant looks that are chic, but not fussy or gimmicky. 

Born in Thailand and raised in California, Phillip was first exposed to design by his mother, who worked as a tailor in Los Angeles while he was growing up. He developed a love for fabrics, colors and style shapes and graduated from California State University at Long Beach to implement his dreams of fashion.

His designs are organic fashion, inspired by nature. He says that he would be a florist or a botanist if he weren't a fashion designer. “I love the idea of nurturing something beautiful,” he told The New York Times in 2010.

Lim's iconic handbag styles, the Alix, Pashli and Soleil also have a loyal following. His bags have been worn by several celebrities on the Red Carpet and First Lady Michelle Obama has donned his dresses for multiple official occasions.

Pre-Spring 2016  has a pronounced Boho theme, with 1970's  fringes and beach looks. Spring 2016 continues his organic emphasis with a floral theme. Asymmetrical construction is also prevalent in homage to the imperfect natural world.



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