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A Lesson in Style

September 11 2016 – Sarah Crandall

Stylish Italian Sisters

On a recent trip to New York, I passed these very stylish Italian sisters on the street on several occasions before finally mustering up the courage to ask if I could take their picture. They had a very distinct fashion style that caught my eye.

I was surprised that one of them immediately asked me, "oh, are you in fashion?" I answered yes, and understood that they assumed that I must be in fashion to appreciate  their delightful sense of style.

They both wore simple straight above-the-knee dresses, one a pink shirt dress and the other a white and gray floral henley tunic shift over a white cotton tee shirt. Both wore light-colored hose; one with white knee socks and the other with white anklets, and both wore white flat shoes.

Each sister wore sunglasses that coordinated with her particular ensemble: the one in the white dress wore matte silver, the other's were lime green. She also carried a nice bright-colored color block handbag. 

I admired the effort they had made in achieving a total look, something most of us don't take the time or effort to accomplish on a daily basis. 

I hope to follow their example myself: achieving a well-conceived head-to-toe look every day and not just on special occasions. Style defines us to others as much as what we say or do.




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