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Cire Trudon Candles

November 20 2017 – Sarah Crandall

My first encounter withy Cire Trudon was when I walked into the Barbara Bui showroom in NY and the amazing scent was the first thing I noticed. The fragrance of the single Odalisque candle filled the entire room with a hint of orange blossoms spiced with lemon, wood, a splash of floral finished with juniper.

Two buyers from another store came in shortly after, and immediately recognized the Cire Trudon Candle. 

I made up my mind to find out more about these delicious candles. I visited the Cire Trudon boutique in Nolita the next day and fell instantly in love. The sales people were very knowledgable about this history-rich company founded in 1643 Paris, making it the oldest candle maker still in business. 

Cire Trudon Boutique NY

The candles are hand-crafted of the highest quality wax and has evolved from supplying candles for the Catholic Church to the Court of Versailles and finally, for designers like Dior and Hermes.

The quality of the wax ensures a clean burning, long lasting candle with no soot. and highly saturated with fragrance that lasts long after the candle is snubbed out.

Cire Trudon candles have fragrances that are based on the landmarks and history of France. Each scent is unique and created from the finest possible ingredients for a true sensory experience.



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