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Mignonne Gavigan

September 15 2016 – Sarah Crandall

During my last trip to New York, I discovered a beautifully unique collection of accessories, Mignonne Gavigan. This talented designer conceived of intricately hand beaded scarf necklaces.  The embellishments include glass beads, pearls, lucite and raffia sewn on silk chiffon. I immediately fell in love and had to buy one for myself which I wore every day for the rest of my trip. I have never received as many compliments as I did wearing this scarf necklace! These gorgeous pieces transformed every outfit I wore! One woman even wanted to buy the one I was wearing! 

Mignonne Gavigan Aztec Scarf NecklaceThey range in price from $350 -$725 and are well worth it. You'll love them and all the compliments you'll receive when you wear them!

Mignonne Gavigan Kate Navy Scarf Necklace


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