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3X1 Jeans

The way 3x1 makes a jean is a little bit different than most factories. They don't sew piecework, meaning they don't have one sewer do 300 pieces and then hand it to someone else. They sew the whole jean from start to finish. It's much slower, but it means there's a lot more attention to detail, and pride and sense of accomplishment.

They also sew with single-needle sewing machines. That's really unique because any time you see two sets of stitches, like on your pocket, that's done with a double needle. But they sew it twice, so most of the garment is sewn two times. We also really try to preach that it's not about efficiency, it's not about speed, it's not about pace. It's about quality. 

We love the quality of the construction, the luxury of the fabrics, and the amazing fit. You'll love them too!

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